Ezy Adventures is creating the bridge between non-profit organisations and businesses like yours. We are a travel booking site where the customer books and pays directly. Payment is processed immediately with the wholesale price for your tour going direct to your bank account. 100{7354ade5445a3f45aaf7076b6575a3f5d81e6055b15a9fad54ca2ed1976f671b} of the commission then goes to the charity, not-for-profit, or community organisation of the customer’s choice. We are not holding any money – you will get your money straight away! Tour operators who list with us can look forward to:

Getting paid up front – As soon as someone books one of your tours through our site the wholesale price for your tour will go directly into your bank account. 100% of the commission goes directly to charity – The site is being created so that the customer and operator are able to support a local charity without, actually putting any hands into pockets.

Operators will be able to upload and manage their own tours.

User-Friendly and Easy to use – The site will be an engaging and intuitive user experience that will attract tour bookings from a diverse and wide reaching audience.
Secure Payment: 

Follow these Ezy steps to register with us.

  1. Register your interest in becoming an operator on our site
  2. Your application will then be reviewed by our Ezy Team
  3. The site only has open tickets at this stage, so we’ll need you to confirm a minimum period of time needed for bookings
  4. If approved you will receive your account login details
  5. Listing with Ezy Adventures is free for tour operators!

Register your interest to list with us today!