Things to do in Noosa

Being from France and hearing that Noosa was Australia’s European holiday destination, we weren’t so excited to get there on our travels driving around Australia, we were looking for new experiences. you know… Aussie ones!

However, we did give in on our drive from Hervey Bay down to Brisbane and decided to spend a night which turned into 2 weeks! A tropical mid climate heaven we had found!

When it came to choosing where to set camp for the night, we heard from other travellers about a great spot on the beautiful Noosa River and at the start of the river system leading to the everglades. I highly recommend Noosa Outback as an off grid adventure and true Aussie experience. We spent the first few days kayaking, SUP boarding and fishing along the river, our nights by the fireplace listening to tall tales by our super friendly Aussie host Pete.

We spent our Sunday in the local town of Boreen Point at the historical Pub sharing a Pig on the Spit and a few beers with new friends and dancing and laughing the afternoon away to the local band. Great memories indeed!

After day three as content as we were, we though it best to go and see what this “Noosa” was all about!

You hear a lot about Hastings Street, the centre of Noosa. Although it was a nice, happy, vibing street full of cafe’s, restaurants and shops we really took to the National Park. It was an Aha moment when arrived there!!! Well, I get your popularity now Noosa, you are superb!

A headland full of rainforest meets with a sea of turquoise crystal clear water with the most perfect surfers wave. Yes, at first glance and at First Point there wasn’t much room for another surfer on the waves but if you walk another 50m in the direction of the National Park you will be sure to find a spot just for you. If not sit amongst the gumtrees and take it all in.

All of a sudden we realised as much as we could happily pass our days at The Noosa Outback, we had a lot to discover in this region and so off we went.

1. We walked the National Park all the way across ‘A’ Bay (referred to by the locals as the nudist beach) to the next beach town, Sunshine Beach (a must to enjoy a beer at the Sunshine Beach Surf Club)

2. We did a Fraser Island tour. An island so magic it’s hard to put into words but get there!

3. Took the Noosa Ferry from Noosa Marina, Tewantin (an original little fishing town on the Noosa River) into Hastings Street and had a sunset swim and drink at the Noosa Surf Club, watching the lifeguards do there work on Noosa Main Beach.

4. Set off into the hinterland, so many quaint little towns full of cheese factories, winery’s, ginger factory, and endless waterfalls and swimming holes set amongst the rainforest. Montville, Maleny, Palmwoods, Yandina, Eumundi are a must do.

5. Saturday’s The Eumundi Markets, Australia’s biggest market. An abundance of entertainment, mark stalls of every kind and so much yummy food. It’s also on Wednesday’s and Friday night’s, perfect place for dinner!

6. Sunday’s is the Noosa Farmer’s Market, Wow! So much good local produce and a great place for a weekly shop and the Smoothie Bar has the best smoothie’s you’ll ever taste. Yum!

7. Noosa Sound, Gympie terrace, Noosaville. It’s the River in all it’s glory. This is the spot you can see where the River meets the sea and it’s truly spectacular! The sun lifts it up with the silver light dancing on the water. A perfect spot for a bike ride followed by fish and
chips and I highly recommend The Boathouse for this.

8. Peregian Beach. Has a Sunday Market on the Beach front near the Surf Club too. Yandina has a nice local market and good healthy cafes.

9. One of my favourite day’s was catching the ferry from Tewantin in our 4WD and beach driving up to Double Island Point… As it’s Rainbow beach Country the dunes along the beach are all colours of the rainbow and majestic Sea Eagles are plenty.