Annapurna Sanctuary Trek

The problem with catching the overnight Indian sleeper buses is if you don’t manage to get to sleep on them due to either the bouncing around in your little cabin area, the horribly repetitive music blaring through the speakers, the constant breakdowns, the smell or just the random people hopping on and off the bus screaming for what seems like … Read More

My Annapurna Trek

So here I sit on Spice Jet flight no. SG233 in Lal Bahadur Shastri Airport, Varanasi, destination Delhi then on to Daghbagad, Rishakesh. Bewildered, confused and I guess you could say enlightened all in one from what Varanasi through in my face for the short 2 days I got lost in the city. Although Varanasi I’m sure has plenty more to see and offer, … Read More

Things to do in Noosa

Being from France and hearing that Noosa was Australia’s European holiday destination, we weren’t so excited to get there on our travels driving around Australia, we were looking for new experiences. you know… Aussie ones! However, we did give in on our drive from Hervey Bay down to Brisbane and decided to spend a night which turned into 2 weeks! … Read More